10 Best Indica Strains For Epilepsy

best indica strains for epilepsy

Many people are suffering from different kinds of health conditions. The causes may vary but it still makes them unfocused, restless, and even develop serious complications. There are medications today that could give relief and support to those who are suffering from health problems like mental health issues and epilepsy. However, there are some cases in which most patients with such diseases prefer to find the best Indica strains for epilepsy in the market to fully achieve the rest they needed. Read more and we will discuss with you regarding this matter.

10 Best Indica Strains for Seizure Attacks and Epilepsy

1. Pineapple Kush

This strain is known for its good aroma and sweet flavor which is enjoyable to use the effectiveness of the Original Gansta. This one is a descendant of OG Kush Strain. You can hint the caramel as well as vanilla with the aftertaste of pineapple. You can feel the high effect as quite heady but not as bodily to its antecedent, the OG Kush.

 2.  Northern Lights

One of the most beloved strains among connoisseurs as well as growers around the world. Experts say that this cannabis strain is the production of 11 hybrids varieties since the precise hybrid is still unknown. The present kind of Northern Light strains remain Indica-Dominant and known for its heady, couch-lock high with a smooth, diverse flavor.

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3. Blue Dream

Blue Dream, a Sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has able to complete a legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry Indica with the Sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral effects but in the background exists a strong sense of body relaxation and quality pain relief. One of the best strains for people who are suffering from mental issues like depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks. Both newbies and professional users alike take pleasure with the level of effects given by these strains, which can lead you in a state of great happiness. There are some kinds of Blue Dream phenotypes that have a more Indica-like appearance and effect. However, the Sativa- leaning kind remains as one of the most predominant types. This is very much commendable to those people who have an illness of epilepsy and seizure attacks.

4. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an Indica strain is known for being notoriety in the U.S. because of its heavy tranquilizing effects. It has a sweet hashish taste with a hint of subtle notes of cocoa as well as coffee that comes through on the exhale. This will delight the palate and it has a powerful relaxation effect as well. From head to toe, your muscles will ease with a feeling of heaviness as vague euphoria envelopes the mind, getting rid of the stress while giving happy moods. This amazing marijuana strain shows a different, bulky bud structure and has colors that range from forest green to pale purple.

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5. Afghan Kush

This powerful cannabis strain comes from the Hindu Kush mountains which are near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Afghan Kush has a super relaxing as well as sleep-inducing effects. This can also help you gain your appetite in case you lose your food cravings and also a great strain for pain management.

6. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is another strain known for its highly relaxing effect. Most of the time it is praised for its insomnia-fighting as well as stress-reducing effects on the patient. Most consumers also feel that it could give you a euphoric feeling and even increase improve your appetite, which is amazing if you are losing your appetite because of your health condition. This is another great strain for people who are dealing with epilepsy and seizure attacks.

7. Super Silver Haze

This strain is known for its energizing effects. The Super Silver Haze is known for its amazing effects on patients as it could bring feelings of euphoria, relieves pain and ease nausea, as well as lifts and improves your mood. This strain is one of the most sought-after stress relief strain in the market for years.

 8. Pineapple Express

It was the year 2008 when this strain first came out and become popular because of the eponymous movie. Pineapple Express is known for its powerful pineapple-like scent. It has to relax as well as mood-lifting effects but is also said to provide you a shot of energetic buzz. This strain will help you stay focused thus making you more productive especially if you will use it in the morning. It will also help patients deal with epilepsy and seizure attacks.

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 9. Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles OG, or also known as FPOG, is very much known because of its inducing euphoric as well as relaxing effects, which made it as one of the best strains against stress. Using this strain will make you feel giggly, ease and relief nausea, as well as increase appetite. Epileptic patients and even those with seizure attacks could find relief with this strain.

10. LA Confidential

LA Confidential is another efficient strain that could give you a relaxing as well as sleep-inducing effects that are often used to help people suffering from insomnia. The strain has also a perceptible anti-inflammatory as well as pain-reducing effects, which is very much efficient for people suffering from chronic pain. If you are dealing with a seizure attack or have an episode of epilepsy then this strain could help you out as well.

These are just some of the best Indica strains for epilepsy which you could choose from that would ease your pain and even alleviate the signs of seizure attacks that could trigger it. You can talk about this matter with your doctor since he is the only one who could give you the recommendation you need as well as the right dosage you should take.


Having this kind of health issue needs a lot of attention and care. There are proper medications that you can take through the help of your doctor. Through your doctor, you will also get to learn the best Indica strains for epilepsy that just might alleviate the signs and symptoms of such a health condition that could trigger the attacks. With this, you can function well again.

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