10 Best Autoflower Seeds Breeder

best autoflower seeds breeder

There’s an intense competition of best autoflower seeds breeder in the cannabis market. The auto-flowering variety is easy and quickly grown. Thus, there’s a demand for these genetics most especially to indoor growers who settle for something that is quite convenient and accessible. Because of this fact, auto-flower breeders began creating new strains to satisfy its customer needs, enhancing its quality.

Let’s help our cannabis enthusiasts most especially those who are still confused about what autoflower strain to choose. As a tip and guide, be mindful of its breeder. From there, you’ll be able to have an idea of where to purchase. If you want to know more, then check our list of ten best autoflower seeds breeder that you could rely upon.

Best Autoflower Seeds Breeder

#1. SunWest Genetics

SunWest Genetics is rising in the west, this company has just been running this cannabis business for more than 10 years. Having its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, the company secures orders or shipping in some states only in Canada and the USA. For more information, you could call their hotline numbers or visit their website for additional inquiry regarding their company.

The company sells and produces multiple varieties of cannabis seeds. The most popular autoflowering strains include the Cheese Auto and Bubblegum Auto.  Aside from that, you could avail discounts or promos upon multiple purchases of these seeds.

#2. Crop King Seeds

The inception of this company returns our journey way back in 2005 in Canada. With the government’s uncertain perceptions on cannabis, they’ve decided to transfer into Washington or Colorado in the USA where the government are much open with cannabis use.

As years pass by, the company tries its way back to Canada where cannabis laws have changed. Later on, the company had continued to open stores in few states in the USA and Canada. As of now, the company is still growing with more than 100 retail partners and outlets in the world.

This seed breeder incorporates various genetics from regular, autoflower, feminized, to hybrid. Being dubbed as the ‘King of Cannabis Seeds’, the breeder has already produced more than 50 strains in their entire cannabis career. Most known autoflower variety includes revolver auto, candy cane auto, train wreck auto, NYC Diesel Auto, Amnesia Haze Auto, and many more.

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For more details, you could easily contact the company through their established company website, Facebook, or Instagram as needed.

#3. Mjseedscanada.com

MJ Seeds Canada began in 2009, this company is based in Canada carrying a lot of cannabis seeds and strains. Nevertheless, this includes most popular strains that people want to have. They allow international deliveries not inclusive only in Canada with the reliable tracking of it during the process. For orders, the company has a website, a facebook, and twitter account that you could directly send a message.

The company generates a variety of cannabis strains. Among the strains are the auto-flowering ones which are suitable for indoor use. Respectively, popular autoflowering strains for this company include the Short Rider Auto, Diesel Feminized Auto, Acapulco Gold Auto, and many others.

#4. Sonoma Seeds

With the company’s motto  ‘grow organically’, their seeds are highly bred from natural methods. Thus, it’s guaranteed safe and eco-friendly for use. Though its main headquarters is based in Vancouver, Canada, the company offers to ship to few countries outside the country. It accommodates orders as much as $300 priced cannabis seeds.

Not just their seeds are grown organically, the company has already built its reputation for breeding multiple varieties of cannabis plants. They could be sativa, indica, or hybrid (50% sativa and indica) as well. Most popular auto flower strains in this company include the Blue Diesel Auto, Hawaiian Gold Auto, Juicy Fruit Auto, OG Kush Auto, and the White Widow Auto.

If you want to know more with the company, you could directly ask by contacting them through their social media platforms or their website.

#5. Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds Company ensures fast delivery of goods similar to a rocket ship. It only ships cannabis seeds within countries in North America such as the USA and Canada. Along with the seeds, they include freebies such as pens, birthday cards, and flashlights as a way of saying thank you to customers who buy bulk orders.

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They sell and make a variety of cannabis strains. This incorporates strains on indica, sativa, and hybrids. Among autoflowering strains available for purchase includes the Blue Diesel Autoflowering, Cheese Seeds Autoflowering, and Early Miss Autoflowering. Also, this company is a major retailing store of the CropKing Seed company in Canada.  

#6. Dutch Passion

One of the oldest and most experienced cannabis companies in the world, this breeder and seed bank has begun their work during the 1970s. The company’s headquarters is mainly located in Amsterdam with its stretch to various parts of the world including the USA and few portions in Europe. The Dutch Passion is the pioneering company that revolutionized the feminized seeds in the 1990s.

The company mainly aims to bring the best seed quality to its customers. Moreover, the company constantly improves through the years with multiple types of cannabis strains in their library. The company has more than a hundred of strains available including the feminized and autoflower varieties. Among the autoflower strains that the company had bred are Auto Lemon Zkittle, Auto Colorado Cookies, Auto Cinderella Jack, Auto Blueberry, and many others.

Mostly, the company’s customers are quite satisfied as to the hybrid strains it introduces. Their best seller autos are Auto Lemon Zkittle, Auto Desfran, and Auto Critical Orange Punch. For more information, you could visit their website or their store to find out for more.

#7. Dinafem

Among the leading pioneers of cannabis preservation in the industry, this company placed seeds on a heat resistant plastic vial being used in the laboratories. Originally just a seed bank, this Spanish based company has expanded on cultivating their own strains. Their most famous strain is the Moby Dick which has been used by multiple medical cannabis patients.

Among the autoflowering strains that the company sells include the Dinamed Auto, Amnesia CBD Auto, Blue Kush Auto and many more. For other strains, you could just search through their website to get a full grasp of all their available strains.

#8. Nirvana

Founded in 1995 by a person named Mau, this cannabis company established its first shop in Amsterdam. The company is a result of its years of study and breeding of different cannabis strains. Throughout the years, his company has productively developed extending to various parts around the globe. Moreover, his company had bred different cannabis strains ranging from sativa, indica, and autoflowering varieties.

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Among the autoflowering strains that the company is selling includes the Super Skunk, Swiss Cheese, and Jock Horror. As of now, their shop is on sale with discounts and promos for its customers. The company also sells seeds overseas. Free shipping fees are offered to bulk orders as well.

#9. Barney’s Farm

Trained for years of experience, this cannabis company has found its roots to a small group of breeders who have expertise in cannabis breeding to various places across the world. After a few years, this group of breeders began starting their company.

In 1992, they find their way in Amsterdam and established a cannabis-infused coffee shop. As the years pass by, the company had constantly bred and sell various cannabis strains in the market. Their winning varieties include Pineapple Chunk and Critical Kush who had been praised by different accolades in the cannabis industry.

Autoflowering strains are in demand. Thus, the company had shifted towards breeding these type of strains. Samples of autoflowering strain varieties include Pineapple Express Auto, Blue Cheese Auto, Tangerine Dream Auto, and many more.  

#10. Mephisto

Originated in Spain, this company has started in 2012 after three years of cannabis study and experience. They aimed to produce environment-friendly strains with impressive capabilities upon cultivated. The company assures satisfaction and quality upon orders. Moreover, they brag on their photoperiod or autoflowering strains that are bred with hard work and determination.

Few autoflowering strains that were bred include the Fantasmo Express Auto, the Deep Blue Auto, the Beary White Auto, and Chemdogging Auto. For more information regarding purchases, you could contact any of their retailers as they don’t have any existing websites for users.

While this list of the best autoflower seeds breeder is quite reliable, it’s still important that you’ll be able to give your own research into which company will you get into. Nonetheless, one company could not be convenient for you as compared to other people. Evaluating the location and preferred genetics is important to understand more it. Once you have decided, then make at least a few inquiries to get to know more of the best auto flower seeds breeder.

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